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In 2018, LRE launched a new website focusing on smart weighing and software solutions for various markets.
On the website you will find our own developed DTS-V weighing solution in various set-ups.

The DTS-V can be linked to various software modules that give you insight into every action that is taken on the DTS-V. It is also possible to weigh on an average weight, so that give-away can be quickly reduced.

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  • Reduce labour costs rising to 30%
  • Increase packing line speed with 15%
  • Reduce overweight by controlled LED bar
  • Reduce airfreight costs
  • Software extensions
  • Improve individual operator performance
  • Ensure consistently packed products
  • Ensure a return on investment within one season or less


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  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Custom made solution on your business
  • Own delvelop weighing and software solution
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