LED bar module

The intuitive LED bar is freely programmable for each fruit species. The user will be informed exactly how much and what kind of fruit (light, medium or heavy fruit weight) need toe be added or need to be removed from the packaging to reach the ideal weight. The LED bar prevents unnecessary handling and increases productivity directly.

Master Module

When a line manager changes the product on a random DTS-V scale, the product will be automatically activated on the entire production line. This saves on unnecessary long changeover times.

Give-Away reduction module

Easily save on give-away per package? Does an employee meets the fixed standardization per hour?
Then the software will automatically adjust the upper limit downwards leaving your overweight reduced.

Productivity module

Effectively optimize the performance of each employee? A colored smiley will be displayed (real time) to show the employee if he meets the preset packing rate p/m. The smiley will be adjusted periodically on the bases of an average number of packages per hour.

smiley_groen_1.png smiley_rood_1.png

Connection between DTS-V and software

LRE offers a live registration of the labour productivity of each active user.
With our software solutions you will have data as: effective worked time, packing speed, under and overweight by employee or production line and the total of the production in numbers or grams.

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  • Reduce labour costs rising to 30%
  • Increase packing line speed with 15%
  • Reduce overweight by controlled LED bar
  • Reduce airfreight costs
  • Software extensions
  • Improve individual operator performance
  • Ensure consistently packed products
  • Ensure a return on investment within one season or less


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